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Buy Medicinal Cannabis, Natural Marijuana,AK47,sour diesel, kush, Super Skunk, OG etc

Min order is 50grams but we can supply up to 1 kg of each mentioned form of marijuana below.

Menu for this week 

50g sour Diesel $320
50g black domina: $320
50g White Widow: $330
50g Hawaii-Skunk:$330
50g afghani kush :$340
50g granddaddy: $340
50g Lemon haze :$320
50g Barry White Oil :$330
50g Hindu Kush: $330
50g Super Silver Haze:$355
50g OG Kush :$345
50g Super Skunk :$340
50g sweet island skunk: $330
50g AK 47 :$320
50g OG ghost train haze $340
50g Blueberry :$340
50g Holy Grail OG:$360
50g Girl Scout Cookies...$380
50g Jack Here: $330
50g purple haze : $380


We sell the highest Quality of Marijuana, Cannabis oil, sour Diesel ,
black domina,White Widow, Hawaii-Skunk, afghani kush, granddaddy, Lemon haze, Barry White Oil, Hindu Kush, Super Silver Haze, OG Kush, Super Skunk, sweet island skunk, AK 47, OG ghost train haze, Blueberry , kush, Skunk, OG, Blueberry, AK47, sour diesel, medical marijuana and all different related quality of marijuana prodicts. We have a very long list of products so contact for complete pricelist.
1. Expedited delivery,
2. Discreet shipping
3. Worldwide delivery

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